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An Idyll Home For You was created to showcase the talents of new and emerging authors and previously published indie authors. Here at we believe that there is a vast supply of new voices that need to be heard. We hope you will be encouraged to explore the web to find even more.

Get to know the featured Idyll Author of the month by clicking on the link to the left. There you will find information about the author, their publishing credits, and ongoing projects. If you’re interested in scheduling that author for a book signing, a reading, or a speaking engagement, you will find their contact information located below their picture. Each author is independent of and is therefore responsible for scheduling their own engagements. We provide their information only as a courtesy to site visitors.

Take a moment to browse the “New Releases” page and learn about the latest releases by indie authors. There you will find information about the book itself, and you will be able to click the book picture and follow the link to or other booksellers where you can purchase the book in its available formats. provides only links to book sellers. We do not sell books directly on our site.